A vast array of lighting options available that can be shipped quickly can assist businesses in enhancing their lighting systems, minimizing downtime, and ultimately improving their profitability. This month, we focus on manufacturers that offer quick-ship service on some of the most frequently used products.

Correctional & Vandal

In correctional facilities, where the well-being of inmates and staff depends on various factors, ensuring the safety and security of occupants is of utmost importance. Fortunately, we have covered you with a lineup of manufacturers offering lighting solutions explicitly designed for correctional facilities’ unique needs.

Collegiate Lighting

As the sun sets and the day ends, the college or university campus can become a dark and dreary place. Decorative outdoor lighting provides a sense of safety and security to the students and faculty. This month, we feature a few of our favorite manufacturers who specialize in decorative outdoor lighting that is perfect for a college campus’!

Diverse Solutions

Engaged in an exciting project and seeking functional products? In pursuit of excellence, we proudly present a handpicked selection of manufacturers we represent, each renowned for their commitment to quality and reliability.

Buy American Act

The Buy American Act (BAA) is a law that helps to support American businesses and manufacturers. Here is a snapshot of our many partner manufacturers that are BAA compliant.

Educational Lighting

As students become more reliant on technology daily, schools must provide an optimal learning environment that enhances the educational experience. Studies have shown that LED lighting can improve concentration, cognitive function, and overall mood because it mimics natural daylight, which helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm and improve sleep patterns, which leads to better academic performance and behavior. Here are some of our favorites that are not only functional but fun!

Turtle Safe

As coastal communities continue to grow and expand, we must take steps to protect the wildlife that calls these areas home. One issue that’s been gaining attention in recent years is the impact of lighting on sea turtles. These creatures are susceptible to light, and using bright or improperly placed lights can cause significant disruptions to their natural behaviors.

Environmentally Friendly

Not all luminaires are created equal. Poorly designed lighting fixtures are primarily responsible for light pollution that can affect our health, migratory patterns of wildlife, and the ability to see the stars in the sky. A wide variety of options are available from manufacturers regarding environmentally/dark sky compliant fixtures.

Sports Lighting

Professional and amateur athletes revel in their sport of choice, but safety always comes first through adequate protection and the right equipment to play the game. Similarly, the illumination must offer visual acuity for the players to perform at their peak when split-second strategic decisions are required.

XOXO: Suspended Linear and Ring Lights

We celebrate February, the month of love, with kisses and hugs, or “X” and “O” suspended lighting form factors from our lighting manufacturers.